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Welcome to Information Science + Information Studies (ISIS). Our mission is to study and create new information technologies and to analyze their impact on art, culture, science, commerce, policy, society, and the environment.

'Alan Turing: His Work and Impact' Receives Publishing Awards; Nick Gessler Contributor

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 Nick Gessler, ISIS Research Associate, was a contributor to the Elsevier Science edited volume ALAN TURING: HIS WORK AND IMPACT, which just won both the top place R.R. Hawkins Award and the Award for Excellence in Physical Sciences & Mathematics.  For more information on the awards, see : Congratulations to Nick for…

ISIS 640 Students in Chronicle of Higher Education

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 This semester Professor Cathy Davidson, partners at Stanford and UCSB and her students are blogging about their experiences in her ISIS course on MOOCS and the Future of Higher Education.The Chronicle of Higher Education is promoting the biweekly blogs by my students in ISIS 640 quite heavily.  At least two or three…

 Fall 2013 Courses and ISIS/Bass Connections Partnership!

Starting in Fall 2013, ISIS will be hosting the Bass Connections Gateway course, ISIS 110D: Information, Society, and Culture, as part of the Information, Society, and Culture theme in this major new interdisciplinary initiative on campus. This course will also fulfill the ISIS Undergraduate Certificate gateway requirement.  Team-taught by Owen Astrachan from Computer Science and Orlin Vakarelov from Philosophy, the Gateway will explore concepts in information from various disciplinary perspectives, with guest speakers from the various research modules supported by Bass Connections offering insights on how these themes apply to their work. Students taking the Gateway will also be encouraged to participate in these Information, Society, and Culture research teams as interns, independent study students, and in related subsequent courses.

Bass Connections is also sponsoring additional lab sections of ISIS 240: Web-Based Multimedia Communications, the required web development skills course for the ISIS Certificate. The course is taught by Professor Richard Lucic from Computer Science, with graduate students from Computer Science and the MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts co-leading the hands-on lab sections. ISIS 240 also fulfills the QS requirement, and is a "practice" option for the Visual and Media Studies major (VMS) in Art, Art History & Visual Studies. The course is also cross-listed with the Arts of the Moving Image (AMI). Note: if you happen to be at Duke in Venice this Fall Victoria Szabo will be teaching a section of the course there as well!

This Fall Nick Gessler is also teaching his popular courses ISIS170S: Artificial Life, Culture, and Evolution and ISIS 235: Espionage, Cryptology, and Psyops. This semester we are also introducing ISIS 208LS: Virtual Form and Space with Nicola Lercari, who works in the new Digital Archeology Lab and will be introducing students to virtual world and game based applications.

Lots of exciting opportunities in ISIS This semester! Check out course details at

 ISIS Graduation!

Saturday, May 11, 2013 at 12:30 PM in the Smith Warehouse, Bay 4, C104 "Garage." Lunch provided. Students, please RSVP to the Evite you should have received. Congratulations, Graduates!

Spring 2013 Courses and Other Opportunities!


  • ISIS 170/COMPSCI 107/VMS 172: Artificial Life, Culture, and Evolution
    Nick Gessler
    TuTh 10:05 am - 1:00 pm in Perkins LINK Classroom TBA (includes lab time)
    STS, QS, SS

  • ISIS 230/EOS 230: Meteorites and the Solar System
    Nick Gessler
    W 10:05 am - 1:00 pm in Perkins LINK 2-072 Classroom 6
    NS, QS

  • ISIS 240/AMI 325/VMS 288: Web-Based Multimedia Communications (hands-on lab)
    TuTh (Richard Lucic) 1:25 pm - 2:40 pm, W (Florian Wiencek) 1:40 pm - 4:10 pm
    in Social Sciences 229
    R, ALP, QS

  • ISIS 380: Digital Cities: Representing the Past and Building the Future
    Florian Wiencek
    Tu 1:40 pm - 4:10 pm in Smith Warehouse, Bay 12, Room 101
    R, STS, CZ

  • ISIS 495S: Research Capstone
    Victoria Szabo
    Tu 8:45 am - 11:20 am in Social Sciences 229
    R, SS

Details and Additional Cross-Lists:

GreaterThanGames Lab Independent Study Options:

  • ISIS 491: Independent Study
  • ISIS 493: ISIS Research Independent Study

contact Victoria Szabo for details on work with Digital Durham, Trading Races, and other opportunities


  • ISIS 650S/LIT 621S/ ARTHIST 537S/VMS 561S: Critical Studies in New Media
    Timothy Lenoir
    Th 3:05 pm - 5:35 pm in TBA
    R, STS, ALP, SS

  • ISIS 791: Individual Research in ISIS (Graduate) - work with GreaterThanGames Lab, Wired! Lab or other projects - contact individual instructors for opportunities

  • English 890S, ISIS 890S:   Web Literacies, Digital Knowledge, and Digital Humanities: Theories, Methods, and Tools for Research and Teaching   (#LiteraciesLab)
    Cathy N. Davidson

    Tuesday 4:40-7:10

Details and Additional Cross-Lists:

New/Continuing Courses in ISIS for Fall 2012!

We are now offering 3 sections of our popular web development course:

  • ISIS 240/AMI 325/VMS 288: Web-Based Multimedia Communications (hands-on lab); offered M (Szabo), T (Wiencek), Th (Olson) 10:05-12:35

another popular lab-based course to consider:

  • ISIS 170/COMPSCI 107/VMS 172: Artificial Life, Culture, and Evolution with Nick Gessler, TTH 10:05-1 in Link Classroom 6 (includes lab time)

and check out these seminar opportunities:

  • ISIS 235.01/CULANTH 226.01: Espionage, Cryptology, Psyops with Nick Gessler, W 10:05-12:55 in Link Classroom 6
  • ISIS 268.01/VMS 266.01: Media History: Old and New with Victoria Szabo (required course option for the major in Visual and Media Studies); offered TTH  10:05-11:20a (Carr location pending)
  • ISIS 270S.01/COMPSCI 102S.01/VMS 287S.01: Immersive Virtual Worlds with Mark McCahill (undergrad seminar); offered TH 6:30-8:45pm in Smith 228
  • ISIS 510S.01/VMS 566S.01: How They Got Game with Tim Lenoir (grad/undergrad seminar); offered W 1:40-4:10 in Bay 4, C04 (FHI GreaterThanGames Lab course)

All of these courses count towards the ISIS undergraduate certificate requirements. ISIS 510S.01 and 590S.02 also counts towards the graduate student requirements.

Please consult ACES/STORM and the relevant instructors for the latest information about these exciting course opportunities, as well as additional cross-lists!


 Fall 2012 Registration! ISIS Courses for Fall are now available for enrollment.

Note: Upperclass students in the ISIS Certificate Program and the Visual and Media Studies major will have priority for enrollment in ISIS 240: Foundations of Web-Based Multimedia Communication. Enrollment is by permission only. Please contact the relevant instructors for permissions. 

Interested in the ISIS Certificate? Contact ISIS Undergraduate Curriculum Director Richard Lucic to learn more and/or to sign up!

Spring 2012 Opportunity in ISIS! In partnership with the GreaterThanGames Lab, ISIS is offering a tutorial series on Mobile Application Design and Development for Beginners. The series will run Wednesday evenings and will include a team of undergraduates, graduates, faculty, and staff working together to explore the potential of iOS app development for various academic and programmatic interests. Students may sign up for ISIS 195T or 295T to participate for credit. See the GreaterThanGames Lab site for more information.

Fall 2011 GreaterThanGames Lab Launched!  

ISIS is a core collaborator in the new Franklin Humanities Institute's Interdisciplinary GreaterThanGames Lab. Co-directors Tim Lenoir, Kate Hayles, and Victoria Szabo are joined by faculty in various departments and programs in offering courses, workshops and other activities related to Transmedia Applications, Virtual Worlds, and Digital Storytelling. Check it out! 

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