Information Science & Information Studies


Mission Statement: Our mission is to study and create new information technologies and to analyze their impact on art, culture, science, commerce, society, policy, and the environment.

Description: The Information Science and Information Studies (ISIS) Undergraduate Certificate program offers students an interdisciplinary approach to study the nature of information and its impact on art, culture, science, commerce, society, and the environment. ISIS helps students fill the gap between current academic training and the increasing demand in all professions for a broad understanding of the legal, social, philosophical, computational, and aesthetic issues concerning information technology and other related innovations. The program's integrated curriculum combines topics and practices including information management; photonics and visualization; multimedia design; issues of security, privacy, and property; and the history of science and technology.

ISIS Learning Objectives:

  • Hands-on technology exploration combined with critical and analytical meta analyses of the technologies
  • Collaborative, student-driven original projects and research experiences
  • Course assignments with real-world translational applications that require the development of professional project skills, such as long-term project management, effective communication strategies, and a familiarity of a variety of information solutions and best practices.

The ISIS Undergraduate Certificate requires six courses:


 ISIS 100: Perspectives on Information Science and Information Studies

or ISIS 101L/CS82: Information and the Internet

or ISIS 110: Information, Society, and Culture (Bass Connections Gateway)


ISIS 240/L: Fundamentals of Web-based Multimedia Communications. Students may petition to waive this course and do another elective if they can demonstrate technical competency through CS, Engineering, etc. Usually offered Fall semesters.


Three 200-level  and above electives selected from hard and soft cross-listed ISIS courses, as well as other relevant courses on advisor approval. This list may also include one independent study option.


ISIS 495: Research Capstone. Course limited to ISIS certificate students. Students in this course complete a semester-long, collaborative Capstone project. Offered Spring semesters. 


No more than two courses that are counted toward the ISIS Certificate may also satisfy the requirements of any major, minor, or other certificate program. (NOTE: Pratt students may count additional ISIS courses toward their major elective requirements.) Only students who have officially declared their major may enroll in the program, although all students may take ISIS courses on a first-come/first-served basis, with ISIS certificate students having preference.

To declare an ISIS Certificate, fill out the appropriate paperwork in the Registrar's Office and contact , ISIS Certificate Program Undergraduate Curriculum Director, to schedule an advising session. Please complete an ISIS Certificate Plan in advance of the session.

For examples of Major Paths, please click here.

    • Richard Lucic, ISIS DUS
    • Richard Lucic, ISIS DUS
    • Victoria Szabo, ISIS Program Director
    • Victoria Szabo, ISIS Program Director
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